Kimaragang Language and Culture

Welcome. This website is a repository for written and audio materials in the Kimaragang language. For those who do not know Kimaragang, we have translated as many materials as possible into Malay and English.

How to Contribute Written Materials to This Site

 If you would like to contribute a folktale or other types of written materials to this site, we are happy to receive and post your materials. Please write your story (or other materials) in Kimaragang or Sonsogon, and do a translation of the materials into Malay. Send the materials to us.

We will adjust the spelling to match the spelling system used on this website. We will not change the dialect that is used in the story. If we have time, we will do an English translation of your materials. If not, we will post your materials with only the vernacular and your Malay translation. Your name will be attached to the story as in the current postings. If the storyteller and the scribe are different, please note the name of each.